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Anidación esporádica descubre la colonización exitosa de nuevas zonas por la tortuga boba

The colonisation of new suitable habitats is crucial for species survival at evolutionary scale under changing environmental conditions. However, colonisation potential may be limited by philopatry that facilitates exploiting successful habitats across generations. This study examined the mechanisms of long distance dispersal of the philopatric loggerhead sea turtle (Caretta caretta) by analysing 40 sporadic nesting events in the western Mediterranean. The analysis of a fragment of the mitochondrial DNA and 7 microsatellites of 121 samples from 18 of these nesting events revealed that these nests were colonising events associated with juveniles from distant populations feeding in nearby foraging grounds. Considering the temperature-dependent sex determination of the species, the effect of the incubation temperature and propagule pressure on a potential colonisation scenario was simulated. Results indicated that colonisation will succeed if warm temperature conditions, already existing in some of the beaches in the area, extend to the whole western Mediterranean. The sporadic nesting events in developmental foraging grounds may be a mechanism to overcome philopatry limitations thus increasing the dispersal capabilities of the species and the adaptability to changing environments. Sporadic nesting in the western Mediterranean can be viewed as potential new populations in a scenario of rising temperatures. informacion[at] Carreras et al (2018) Sporadic nesting reveals long distance colonisation in the philopatric loggerhead sea turtle (Caretta caretta). Scientific Reports Doi 10.1038/s41598-018-19887-w
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Contenidos con etiqueta caretta caretta .

La anidación esporádica de la tortuga boba revela la colonización exitosa de nuevas zonas

La colonización de nuevos hábitats es clave para la supervivencia de especies amenazadas por los cambios en las condiciones climáticas y medioambientales. En el caso de las tortugas marinas, que...