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BMS Spain: Annual Report 2017

BMS Spain is a butterfly monitoring program created in 2014 with the aim of creating a tool for studying the butterfly populations and their habitats of in Spain. Through monitoring, among others, population trends, phenological changes and the conservation status of species can be known. The large scale infrastructure of EBD-CSIC (ICTS-RBD) supports this initiative through its data platform. In 2017 the participants of this program, mostly volunteers, have been recording the presence of butterflies in a total of 76 transects during 12 visits to each one, on average. In total, 55,927 butterflies belonging to 176 species were counted in 12,506 sightings. The most abundant species was Melanargia lachesis with 2,697 individuals, while the highest number of individuals was registered in Garganta la Olla (Cáceres), being 4,238. Castelfrío (Teruel) was, as in 2016, most diverse area with 79 species. The average abundance, species richness, visits and average diversity were higher in 2017. informacion[at] Cancela et al (2018) Butterfly Monitoring Scheme España. Informe anual de 2017
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BMS España: Informe Anual 2017

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