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Over 300 researchers demand the ending of eel exploitation

The species is critically endangered, but is still fished and consumed. Scientific advice to European Agriculture and Fisheries Council, meeting December 10th-11th, is a zero-catch policy

Predation by owls affects the survival of the colony of greater noctule bats in Doñana

A research team of the Doñana Biological Station – CSIC has found that greater noctule bats, one of the most threatened bat species in Europe, do not change their shelter when facing...

Santa Olalla, the largest lagoon in Doñana, dries up for the second year in a row

Since the Doñana Biological Station has kept records, the lagoon has never dried up two consecutive summers. Severe drought and overexploitation of the aquifer are the causes of the serious...

World heritage wetland site under threat from new strawberry farming bill

Scientists from the University of Leeds and the Spanish National Research Council say urgent protection is needed for the fragile Doñana wetlands in Andalusia as the result of the bill which...

A World Heritage Site in danger: more than half of lagoons in Doñana have disappeared

The Doñana Participation Council meets to analyse the proposed law that aims to extend legal irrigation in the Doñana region. Spain is sentenced by the Court of Justice of the European Union for...
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