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Iberian lynxes have less deleterious mutations than other lynx species due to the small size of their population

A team led by the Doñana Biological Station – CSIC has compared the deleterious mutation burden in Iberian and Eurasian lynxes. The study shows that populations that have been small their...

Microevolutionary and demographic consequences of an evolutionary transition to flightlessness

. A new study developed at Estación Biológica de Doñana (CSIC) has employed genomic data to infer the consequences of dispersal-related trait variation in short-winged and long-winged forms of the...

Extreme genomic erosion in the highly endangered Iberian lynx

Genomic studies of endangered species provide insights into their evolution and demographic history, reveal patterns of genomic erosion that might limit their viability, and offer tools for their...
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