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Natura Connect project helps to protect and reconnect nature across Europe

The Horizon Europe Natura Connect Project will support European Union governments and other public and private institutions in designing a Trans-European Nature Network with ecological corridor for...

Drought leads Doñana to the lowest numbers of waterfowls in the last 40 years

The results of the Biodiversity and Natural Processes Monitoring Program, regularly conducted in the Doñana Natural Space by the ICTS-RBD, managed by the Doñana Biological Station – CSIC,...

The Iberian hare population increases in Doñana after the decline of the European rabbit

Competition, predation, and diseases are key factors shaping animal communities. In recent decades, lagomorphs in Europe have been impacted by virus-borne diseases that have caused substantial...

Científicos europeos se suman a la lista de detractores del plan de regadíos de Doñana

Científicos del CSIC y otras instituciones europeas alertan de los problemas para Doñana del plan de ampliación de regadíos propuesto por el Gobierno andaluz