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Ice Age wolf DNA reveals dogs trace ancestry to two separate wolf populations

An international group of geneticists and archaeologists, led by the Francis Crick Institute, have found that the ancestry of dogs can be traced to at least two populations of ancient wolves. The...

Microevolutionary and demographic consequences of an evolutionary transition to flightlessness

. A new study developed at Estación Biológica de Doñana (CSIC) has employed genomic data to infer the consequences of dispersal-related trait variation in short-winged and long-winged forms of the...

Macroevolutionary shift in the size of amphibian genomes and the role of life history and climate

Genome size varies enormously from one species to another, and amphibians are the group of vertebrates where genome size varies the most. Amphibians are also really old lineages that have been...
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