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Bears also use visual cues to communicate with each other

Adult males mark trees during the breeding season by scratching and biting the bark. These markings help us to locate the species' breeding grounds, crucial for successful conservation plans

Firebreaks constrain butterfly movements

Firebreaks are linear strips that dissect the landscape and prevent or mitigate the spread of wildfires in Mediterranean landscapes. However, few studies have addressed their potential effect on...

European Honey-buzzards use tools to attract ants for anting

Examples of tool-use behaviours by animals outside foraging contexts are scarce and almos exclusively limited to primates. This work documents a case of tool use in the European Honey-buzzard...

Scrapes as a communication tool in the largest Neotropical felids

Details of how, why and in what conditions large felids make scrapes is unknown. Here, the general hypothesis about the use of scrapes for marking proposals, as well as to communicate with other...

White and blue lights are the most pernicious for wildlife

For many decades, the spectral composition of lighting was determined by the type of lamp, which also influenced potential effects of outdoor lights on species and ecosystems. Light?emitting diode...
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