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Colleagues awarded

Juan Calderón Rubiales, former director of the Doñana Biological Reserve (EBD-CSIC) has been awarded in the last edition of the Environmental Awards of the Junta de Andalucía. Juan ("Perote"), retired now, developed his research and professional career during 40 years in Doñana. The jury has highlighted his contributions to the conservation of Doñana, his commitment, his capacity for consensus and his important contributions to knowledge in the defense and improvement of the environment. At the same time, the harbor of Sevilla has been awarded for its management of the sediments from the maintenance dredging of the Guadalquivir river. Using a protocol designed by Miguel Ferrer's team (EBD-CSIC), the creation of suitable habitats for the rest, reproduction and breeding of water birds and other species of interest has been achieved in sediment depots. It is highlighted that this project is an example of how the economic development of a region can be reconciled with the conservation of the environment as part of the emerging philosophy of "Working with nature". CONGRATULATIONS!!

Press release (Junta de Andalucía)

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Ismael Galván awarded with Francisco Bernis Prize

Our colleague Ismael Galván has received the Francisco Bernis Research Award for "the originality of the approach he uses in his studies on the role of melanins in bird ecology and evolution.

Martina Ferraguti Best PhD Dissertation in Ornithology

During the XXIV Spanish and VII Iberian Congress of Ornithology (SEO/BirdLife), our colleague Martina Ferraguti has been awarded with the Best PhD Dissertation in Ornithology.

Award for Excellence in Prevention of Occupational Risks "Ramón Tobar"

EBD-CSIC has received the Award for Excellence in Prevention of Occupational Risks "Ramón Tobar" in its tenth edition.
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