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Effects of a new variant of the RHVD

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The effects of a new variant of the rabbit hemorrhagic disease virus (RHDV) in the Iberian Peninsula are reported. Since 2011 a new variant of RHDV was detected in Spain and Portugal, producing a significant decline of rabbit populations in areas inhabited by the Iberian lynx, such as Coto del Rey, in Doñana National Park. The dramatic reduction of rabbits, over 80% in 2012-2013, was accompanied by a reduction in the number of lynx cubs and an increase of the lynxes killed on roads, linked to longer displacements to find food. This situation exemplifies how emerging diseases can affect biodiversity conservation, and highlights the importance of using wildlife monitoring schemes as detection tools for monitoring the impact of stochastic factors, such as the variant RHDV, on wildlife populations. Informacion[at] Delibes-Mateos et al (2014) Ecosystem Effects of Variant Rabbit Hemorragic Disease Virus, Iberian Peninsula. Emerging Infectious Diseases. Doi:
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