Animal Welfare at EBD Animal Welfare at EBD

Personnel training in animal welfare is actively promoted within EBD-CSIC. The EBD Animal Welfare Body website provides comprehensive information and guiding about the ethical and legal requirements that researchers have to meet in order to safeguard the welfare of animals used for scientific purposes. This information includes an extensive bibliographic database on general and specific guidelines on the ethical use and care of animals. Users of the Animal Experimentation Unit facility are also informed about about the protocols they must follow concerning veterinary care and environmental enrichment for captive animals. Every research protocol at EBD-CSIC involving animal use is overseen by the Animal Welfare Body and supervised by the designed veterinarian and animal welfare expert.

EBD-CSIC offers training courses and seminars to guarantee the acquisition, maintenance and improvement of requisite competence of personnel. You can check updates on the course programme here.

Training courses and seminars