Pedro Jordano advisor on scientific matters related to COVID-19 and its future consequences of the Spanish Ministry of Science

Pedro Jordano (EBD-CSIC) is a member of the Multidisciplinary Working Group that advises and supports the Ministry of Science and Innovation in matters related to COVID-19 and its future consequences. This group is chaired by José M. Ordovás from Tufts University (Boston) and is formed by 16 internationally renowned Spanish researchers from various disciplines. It will coordinate the preparation of reports and propose the necessary modifications to improve the response to similar health crises. One of its first tasks is the in-depth study of the German Academy of Sciences' statements about this is issue and its applicability to the current situation in Spain. These researchers will also make proposals for experimentation necessities to obtain useful data for decision-making.

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Award for Excellence in Prevention of Occupational Risks "Ramón Tobar"

Award for Excellence in Prevention of Occupational Risks "Ramón Tobar"

EBD-CSIC has received the Award for Excellence in Prevention of Occupational Risks "Ramón Tobar" in its tenth edition. The candidacy presented by the EBD is entitled "Organization of the First Conference on the Prevention of Sexual and Labor Harassment". The objective of this conference was multiple: to raise awareness about sexual and labor harassment, to recognize such practices, to learn how to avoid them and what tools are available to fight against them in the workplace. It was held on June 11, 2018, in the conference room of CIC Cartuja, with a live online publication thanks to the collaboration of the University of Seville. Maragrita Paneque Sosa (Delegada del CSIC en Andalucía), Mercedes Ríos Martín (Instituto Andaluz de la Mujer), Belén Zurbano Berenguer (Gender, Economy, Politics and Development Observatory, University Pablo de Olavide), Juan José Blázquez Mayoral (Secretario General Adjunto RRHH del CSIC), Agustín Luque (Director Servicio de Prevención de Riesgos Laborales de la University of Sevilla) and Fermín Yébenes (Labour Inspector of Seguridad Social) were the invited speakers at the conference. On the website of the University of Seville, you can see all the interventions of the Conference (

It is the third time that the EBD receives this award (II and IV editions), granted by the Spanish National Research Council CSIC.