Common Agricultural Policy and pollinators

Recommendations to ensure the CAP post-2020 supports insect pollinators

Insect pollinators continue to decline in Europe despite the Common Agricultural Policy's increased focus on environmental protection. Pollinator experts from across Europe identified a need to improve the quality of wildlife habitats through more targeted management and a robust monitoring framework. With specific habitats typically not providing all resources pollinators require, landscape level initiatives are required that support a variety of habitats that are complementary in resources offered


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Feature: Saving the Spanish Imperial Eagle in Doñana

Feature: Saving the Spanish Imperial Eagle in Doñana

The "Espacio Protegido" program of Canal Sur Television December 17, 2019, shows how managers of the Doñana Natural Area and EBD-CSIC researchers work together on the "Recovery Plan of the Spanish Imperial Eagle in Doñana". The Spanish imperial eagle has been recovering in Andalusia thanks to the monitoring plan conducted by scientists and park managers. Being on the verge of extinction in the 80s, today more than a hundred breeding pairs exist in Andalusia. On the 50th anniversary since the creation of Doñana National Park, the recovery of the imperial eagle is a reality.

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