Video "Wind energy and biodiversity"

Wind energy and biodiversity video

El video "Wind energy and biodiversity: an urgent reconciliation" ha sido realizado por nuestros compañeros José Antonio Donázar y Eneko Arrondo en colaboración con la Universidad Miguel Hernández, la Universidad de Granada, la Universidad Pablo de Olavide y el Colectivo Ornitológico Cigüeña Negra.

Finalist European Natura 2000 Award

We are very happy to announce that the application entitled "Reinforcing the roles of remote sensing in Natura 2000 monitoring" presented by our colleague Ricardo Díaz-Delgado has been...

Pedro Jordano advisor on scientific matters related to COVID-19 and its future consequences of the Spanish Ministry of Science

Pedro Jordano is a member of the Multidisciplinary Working Group that advises and supports the Ministry of Science and Innovation in matters related to COVID-19 and its future consequences.

Follow the temporal evolution of Covid19 cases in Spain

EBD-CSIC Spatial Ecology group, led by Luis Santamaría, is offering regularly updates of the cases and fatalities caused by Covid19 in Spain.