CSIC Research in Andalusia in "75 Minutes"

CSIC Research in Andalusia in "75 Minutes"

The television program "75 Minutos" of Canal Sur Andalusia dedicates this documentary to research conducted by CSIC researchers in Andalusia, among others from Doñana Biological Station. "More than 1.600 employees, including researchers, technicians, hired and permanent workers, are ascribed to the total of 23 research centres of CSIC located in Andalusia, of the Spanish National Research Council. What do these researchers do? Well, a bit of everything. Through them we have learned that La Axarquía region is the mayor avocado producer of Europe, that industrial bread contains more than a spoon of palm oil, that Bill Gates is funding a project in Andalusia to fight against the plague of the white fly affecting yuca, or that the "gula" (surrogate for angulas) was invented by the CSIC. All this and a lot more makes clear that "Research is being done here".

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Montserrat Vilà and her colleagues are honoured with the George Mercer Award of the Ecological Society of America

This year’s Mercer Award goes to the authors of “Disentangling the abundance–impact relationship for invasive species.”, including Montserrat Vilà of the Biological Station of Doñana-CSIC

Montserrat Vilà, nueva miembro de la Real Academia Sevillana de Ciencias

La investigadora Monsterrat Vilà de la Estación Biológica de Doñana es elegida miembro de la Real Academia Sevillana de Ciencias de Sevilla