Montserrat Vilà, honoured with the National Research Award 2021

Montserrat Vilà, research professor at the Doñana Biological Station (EBD-CSIC) has been awarded the Alejandro Malaspina National Award in the area of ??Natural Resources Sciences and Technologies. This prize is part of the National Research Awards granted by the Ministry of Science and Innovation of Spain, the most important recognition in Spain in the field of scientific research.

Vilà has received this award for her contributions in the field of the ecology of invasive alien species and its application to the conservation of ecosystems. She studies the biology of conservation and the effects of global change in Mediterranean ecosystems, specially the factors that determine the invasion by introduced species.

The National Research Awards were created in 1982 with the aim of recognizing the merit of those Spanish researchers who are carrying out outstanding work in their respective scientific fields that contribute in a relevant way to the advancement of knowledge and progress. This is the second time that the ten categories of these awards have been announced in the same year. In this edition, a total of 119 applications have been received. Of the 115 who were admitted, 27 were women and 88 men.

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