Department of Evolutionary Ecology

In our Department we perform research in the intersection of ecology and evolutionary biology with a variety of model systems, from plants to insects, amphibians, birds and mammals. We are interested in a variety of questions, from the "hows" and "whys" of organisms traits of any kind to patterns governing speciation processes and coevolution. Our work spans from population genetics and phylogenetics to comparative and population ecology. We address questions about historical and ecological forces modelling life history evolution, genetic differentiation, behaviour, physiology, plant-animal interactions and host-parasite interactions by means of a combination of field, experimental and lab oriented disciplines. Our main study areas are in the Iberian Peninsula, but we also work in the Americas and Antarctica, in collaborative projects all over the world. We welcome international and Spanish researchers and students at the Estación Biológica de Doñana-CSIC in Seville. Students interested in Evolutionary Ecology may pursue a master or a PhD in our Department. We also encourage prospective postdocs and more senior researchers to contact us.


Department Head: Miguel Tejedo

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