Research Stays at ICTS Doñana

EBD-CSIC offers accommodation to all researchers with a permit to conduct research in the Doñana Natural Area Doñana at the Doñana Biological Reserve (ICTS-RBD) in three different buildings. Researchers can reserve access at this link (NEW APPLICATION!). To you use this application you must be registered in the Database of the Coordination Office at the Doñana Biological Station as a participant in an ongoing research project. The first time you enter, you must complete a registration form "Registrar por primera vez (Register for the first time)", providing the following data:

.- National ID or passport / NIE (as provided on the project form)

.- E-mail address.

.- Telephone number for contact (preferably the mobile)

.- User name (with whom we will login)

.- Password (at least 7 characters).

Once registered, access to the application will be provided and you will be able to request access to the RBD (entry for one day "Dia" or for a stay with accommodation "Noche"). The application gives you the possibility to make individual or group reservation. If you are going to make a room reservation for a group it is necessary to take into account that the houses only have 3 rooms  for a maximum of 7 people per building and that the application by default locates men and women in separate rooms. So it is recommended to check the occupation level of the houses "Consultar ocupación". In case of changes in the field work period, it is mandatory to make the corresponding changes in your reservations using the same application. This is important, since access permits are limited.

If a problem occurs during the reservation, the "help" (Ayuda) button is available (in Spanish). To resolve any additional problem, you can contact Pilar Bayón at the Biological Reserve (extension 1577). For problems with the "Registrar por primera vez" form, contact the Computing Service at EBD (954466700 extension 1039). To register a participant in a project or to request access for a new project, contact the Coordination Office (

The first night a researcher is going to occupy the accomodations, he or she should arrive before 21:30 h.

There is a kitchen available for common use with a fridge, freezer, microwave, etc.

All details about the instalation in this User Manual (English version will be soon availabe)

For any other type of access please contact the Direction of EBD-CSIC