Research Stays at ICTS Doñana

EBD-CSIC offers accommodation to all researchers with a permit to conduct research in the Doñana Natural Area Doñana at the Palacio de Doñana (Doñana Biological Reserve RBD). Researchers can reserve at this link [reservas Palacio]. The program asks for a key (document number as provided by the researcher in charge in the application form of the project; no dots) and project number (assigned by the Coordination of Research Service) and year the project was started (if the project was assigned to 29/2006, in number fill out "29" and in year "2006") and the email address of the person who wants to receive the confirmation of the permit. Next click the "validar" button.

In case you want to cancel, prolong or shorten your stay you should make the necessary changes at the same application as used before. This is important because access permissions are limited. If a problem occurs during the reservation of the access permission, a "help" button is available with additional information about the procedure to be followed. You will receive an e-mail which will inform you if your access or lodging request has been accepted.

An access or accommodation permission can only be requested by people leading or participating in an approved and running research project. To add new members to a running project, the researcher in charge has to provide name, document number and gender of the person to be included to the Coordination of Research Service (coordinacion©, indicating if the new member will work alone or collaborating with a permit-carrying member of the project.

The first night a researcher is going to occupy one of the lodging places of the Reserves; he or she should arrive before 21:30 h.

There is a kitchen available for common use with a fridge, freezer, microwave, etc.

For any other type of access please contact the Direction of EBD-CSIC