World Wetlands Day: Doñana closed 2022 with a records in high temperatures, low rainfall and the lowest numbers of wintering waterbirds

The Santa Olalla lagoon dried up at the end of August last year, and wintering waterfowl numbers in Doñana were the second lowest in the historical series. Rainfall was very low with only 282 litres, one of the driest years of the last 43, after a series of 4 dry years, and August recorded the highest temperatures ever in the Park

The Iberian wolf has continued to lose genetic diversity despite its population recovery

A new study led by EBD-CSIC points to the need for a rapid increase and redistribution of the populations on the peninsula to guarantee their survival. The researchers have detected that with the disappearance of the wolf in Sierra Morena, a unique DNA sequence typical of the population that inhabited this area has been lost

The Scientific Collections of Doñana Biological Station will be part of the NN-DiSSCo-ES infrastructure

The staff of the Scientific Collections (ICTS-RBD) has participated in the 1st Meeting of the NN-DiSSCo-ES infrastructure, within the INFRA20012 Project (financed by the CSIC's GII Program). This event took place last Monday, December 12, at the National Museum of Natural Sciences in Madrid (MNCN-CSIC).

Natura Connect project helps to protect and reconnect nature across Europe

The Horizon Europe Natura Connect Project will support European Union governments and other public and private institutions in designing a Trans-European Nature Network with ecological corridor for fauna and flora
Doñana will be one of the six case studies.

Miguel Clavero (Estación Biológica de Doñana - CSIC): “Europa debe dejar de pescar anguilas”

En los próximos días, los ministros de Agricultura y Pesca de la Unión Europea se reunirán para tratar distintos temas, entre ellos, los cupos de captura de distintas especies. La anguila sigue siendo objeto de pesca y su precio ha aumentado a la vez que desciende su población, convirtiéndolo en un producto de lujo.
El investigador Miguel Clavero de la Estación Biológica de Doñana - CSIC advierte que la pesca de la anguila es insostenible y apuesta por su total prohibición para...