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SpotEgg: a tool to analyse colour in digital images

A user-friendly tool, called SpotEgg, has been developed to analyse colour and pattering in digital images. The tool, operated through a Graphical User Interface, runs over Matlab 2012b or latter and was primarily aimed to analyse colouration in bird´s eggs. Nevertheless it can also measure reflectances and spottiness in any other type of objects as insects, feathers, frogs, etc. SpotEgg's main advantage is a custom designed spot detection algorithm. Additionally, it allows to reduce time-consuming routinary tasks when analysing digital images. The tool is available for downloading at the following webpage: informacion[at] Gomez & Liñan-Cembrano (2016) SpotEgg: An image-processing tool for automatised analysis of colouration and spottiness. J Avian Biol doi: [10.1111/jav.01117]
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Contenidos con etiqueta colour measurement .

SpotEgg: una herramienta para el análisis del color en imágenes digitales

SpotEgg ha sido desarrollado para analizar color en imágenes digitales. La herramienta, operada a través de una interfaz gráfica de usuario, se ejecuta sobre Matlab 2012b y tiene como principal...