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Parasite's cost on insect vectors

Avian Plasmodium and malaria-like parasites of the genus Haemoproteus are widespread vector-borne parasites commonly found infecting birds. These parasites impose deleterious effects on their vertebrate hosts compromising their survival. While the interaction between these parasites and their vertebrate hosts has received much attention, the study of those factors determining the consequences of parasite infections in the insect vectors has been traditionally neglected. Recent studies have shown that host's parasite load and the mosquito's nutritional status and microbiota modulate the impact of parasites on mosquito longevity. Here, we provide a critical review of these studies to identify gaps in current knowledge and propose future research directions. Further experimental studies are needed to reveal the impact of avian malaria parasites in mosquitoes using realistic conditions found in wild parasite-mosquito assemblages. informacion[at] De la Puente et al (2018) Do avian malaria parasites reduce vector longevity? Curr Opin Insect Sci. Doi 10.1016/j.cois.2018.08.001
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Contenidos con etiqueta insect vectors .

El coste del parásito en insectos vectores

En este estudio se han identificado diferentes factores relacionados con la infección por parásitos de la malaria aviar que afectan a la longevidad de los mosquitos, sus insectos vectores. Los...