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I did my PhD at the Huelva University, after which I worked as a researcher and teacher at the University of Girona and the Forest Science Centre of Catalonia, in Solsona. Most of my research has dealt with the ecology and conservation of freshwater ecosystems, with a special focus on biological invasions and their impacts. I have also studied other freshwater organisms (e.g. crayfish, otter) as well as terrestrial systems (e.g. bird communities and the effects of wildfires). Nowadays I divide most research efforts in two main lines, one devoted to the compilation of historical biodiversity records and the analysis of ecological patterns with a long-term perspective, and the other centred in the ecology and conservation of freshwater fish, with a especial focus on Mediterranean streams and desert rivers of Morocco. I was one of the promotors and currently co-editor-in-chief of the open journal FiSHMED Fishes in Mediterranean Environments.



Some keywords: Biological invasions, Historical ecology, Conservation biology, Global Change, Freshwater Ecology, Freshwater Fish, Mediterranean Rivers, Arid Environments

10 recent publications 10 recent publications

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