Thijs van Overveld

EU-funded Marie-Sklodowska-Curie postdoctoral fellowship

My research mainly focuses on individual movement patterns and information gathering strategies. I am particularly interested in how individuals cope with ecological and social challenging situations, and how such behavioural variation may shape population dynamical processes. Currently,  I study the impact of supplementary feeding on food searching behaviour and social dynamics of Egyptian vultures on Fuerteventura.

Marcos Moleón

"Severo Ochoa" Award Postdoctoral Contract

My research focuses on the ecology of predation and scavenging, as well as their interface. My approach is genuinely collaborative, multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary. Understanding complex ecological questions, such as indirect inter-specific interactions and universal patterns in food-web structure, strongly attracts my scientific attention. A major transversal aim of my research scheme is to provide science-based arguments to solve outstanding conservation problems of vulnerable wildlife populations and systems. My main study models are birds of prey (e.g., Bonelli's eagles) and mammalian carnivores (e.g., lions and hyaenas), especially in Mediterranean and African environments.

Ainara Cortés-Avizanda

Juan de la Cierva Postdoctoral Contract

My main research line has focused on the behaviour, ecology and conservation of scavengers and how the presence of carcasses in the wild shapes other components of the ecosystem. During the last years of studying this fascinating system I have progressively interested on the ecosystem services that avian scavengers may provide. While these species are charismatic and offer both cultural and ecosystem services (ecotourism and fast elimination of carcasses) they also have to face the progressive abandon of traditional agro-grazing practices (main food source). Currently, I am involved in the study of how the abandonment of farmland areas can be considered as a key opportunity for restoring past biodiversity (rewilding). I am particularly interested in how to reconcile the conservation of charismatic endangered species but also sensitive to human presence (e.g. long-lived birds of prey) with cultural ecosystem services of rewilded farmlands.

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Cristina Sánchez-Prieto

Excellence Project (RNM-1925, Junta de Andalucia) Postdoctoral Contract

I got my PhD in Behavioural Ecology of Mating Systems, in red deer (2005) under the supervision of Juan Carranza at the Biology and Ethology Unit, University de Extremadura (Spain). I continued working in life strategies, mating behaviour, and game management during a postdoc at the Macaulay Institute of Aberdeen (Scotland). Then, I switched over to the field of Conservation genetics, working with Dr.Martínez Suárez, at the University of Granada. I has becomed a postdoc researcher at the EBD in 2016 within a project to investigate the relationships between wild ungulates game management and avian scavengers conservation. Currently, my main interest focuses on the interaction between behavioural, evolutionary and population ecology, primarily to answer questions related to Conservation of Biodiversity, but also with the evolution of life-history and ecological interactions.  One of my main aims is to provide science-based arguments to improve environmental management of Mediterranean ecosystems to solve conservation problems, and I´m interested in the potential of Rewilding programs to recover biodiversity and natural processes.

Ph D Students

Marina García Alfonso

Ph. D. Student 2014-
Universidad de Sevilla
Movement Ecology of Canarian Egyptian vultures.   Cosupervised by David Serrano.

(Master student) 2014
Universidad Pablo de Olavide, Sevilla
Variabilidad interindividual en el movimiento de los quebrantahuesos preadultos reintroducidos en Andalucía.


Eneko Arrondo

Ph. D. Student 2015- Universidad de Sevilla Foraging strategies in a social vulture Co-supervised by José Antonio Sánchez-Zapata


(Master student) 2013
Universidad Pablo de Olavide, Sevilla
Manejo adaptativo de alimentación suplementaria para especies amenazadas de aves carroñeras: un experimento de campo

MSc Students

Paula Martín Díaz

M Sc Student 2016
Universidad Pablo de Olavide, Sevilla

Fine-scale foraging response of a top scavenger in rewilding Mediterranean landscapes


Álvaro de Miguel

M Sc Student 2016
Universidad Pablo de Olavide, Sevilla
Roost-site selection by Canarian Egyptian vultures (Neophron percnopterus majorensis) in relation to environmental and individual characteristics

Former Students

Isabel García Barón

(Master student) 2014
Universidad Pablo de Olavide, Sevilla
How will fit apex scavengers in a rewilding Europe? Modelling nest-site and foraging habitat of Cinereous vultures in the Iberian Peninsula.  Currently: PhD. Student. AZTI Unidad de Investigación Marina. Pasaia. Spain.

Darío Fernández Bellón

(Master student) 2012
Universidad Pablo de Olavide, Sevilla.
Density-dependent regulation of fecundity in a recovering population of Cinereous vultures.
Currently: PhD. student. University of Cork. Ireland

Marie-Sophie García-Heras

(Master student) 2011
Université Paul Cézanne, Aix-Marseille III
Biologie et conservation de Neophron percnopterus majorensis endémique des îles Canaries: effects de l'alimentation supplémentaire à l'échelle de l'individu
Currently: PhD. student. Percy FitzPatrick Institute of African Ornithology (South Africa).

Rosa Agudo

(Ph.D. student) 2005-2010
Conservation Genetics on Islands: a case study of the Canarian Egyptian Vulture.
(Cosupervised by Ciro Rico, EBD-CSIC)
Currently: Postdoc student Division of Evolution, Ecology & Genetics Research School of Biology The Australian Nat. Univ., Canberra, ACT 0200.

Ainara Cortés-Avizanda

(Ph.D. student) 2005-2010
The ecological and conservation effects of trophic resource predictability: carcasses and vertebrate communities 
(Cosupervised by Martina Carrete, EBD-CSIC)
Currently: Postdoc student, Theoretical Ecology and Biodiversity Change Group. Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal;

Laura Gangoso

(Ph. D. student) 2002-2006
Insularidad y conservación: el caso del alimoche (Neophron percnopterus) en Canarias.
Currently: Postdoc Contract, Estación Biológica de Doñana, CSIC

Juan Manuel Grande

(Ph. D. student) 2002-2006
Factores limitantes, antrópicos y naturales, de poblaciones de aves carroñeras:
el caso del alimoche (Neophron percnopterus) en el valle del Ebro. 
(Cosupervised by Martina Carrete, EBD-CSIC)
Currently: Researcher, Centro para el Estudio y Conservación de las Aves Rapaces en Argentina (CECARA) - CONICET, Santa Rosa, Argentina

Lidia López Jiménez

(MSc Student) 2004
University of London 
Patterns of prospecting behaviour in juvenile Egyptian vultures
Currently: Ph. D. Student, Estación Biológica de Doñana, CSIC

Martina Carrete

(Postdoc Student) 2003-2004
Population ecology of long-lived raptors
Currently: Ramón y Cajal Research Contract, Universidad Pablo de Olavide, Sevilla

David Campión

(Ph. D. student) 2000-2004
La fragmentación del hábitat mediterráneo y su efecto sobre la distribución, densidad de población y conservación de las poblaciones de aves de presa.
(Cosupervised by Javier Bustamante, EBD-CSIC)
Currently: Biologist, Biodibertsitatearen Arloa-Área de Biodiversidad, Gestión Ambiental de Navarra, S.A., Pamplona, Spain.

David Serrano

(Ph. D. student) 1999-2003

Papel de las decisiones individuales en la dinámica metapoblacional del cernícalo primilla.
(Cosupervised by José Luis Tella, EBD-CSIC)
Currently: Associate Professor, EBD-CSIC, Spain. 

Julio Blas

(Ph. D. student) 1997-2002
Efectos de la edad de la primera reproducción en aves.
(Cosupervised by Fernando Hiraldo, EBD-CSIC)
Currently: Ramón y Cajal contract Estación Biológica de Doñana, CSIC

Iñigo Zuberogoitia

(Ph.D. student) 1998-2002 
Ecoetología de las rapaces nocturnas de Bizkaia. 
Currently: Biologist, Estudios Medioambientales Icarus s.l., La Rioja, Spain.

Marcelo Bertellotti 

(Postdoc Student) 1999-2001
Currently: Researcher, CENPAT-CONICET, Puerto Madryn, Argentina

José Antonio Sánchez-Zapata

(Ph.D. student) 1996-1999
Las aves rapaces y su relación con la estructura del paisaje en ambientes mediterráneos semiáridos.
(Cosupervised by J.F. Calvo, Universidad de Murcia)
Currently: Titular Professor, Universidad Miguel Hernández, Alicante, Spain.

Manuela G. Forero 

(Ph.D. student) 1996-1998
¿Dispersión o filopatria? Análisis de sus causas y consecuencias en la población de milanos negros de Doñana.
(Cosupervised by Fernando Hiraldo, EBD-CSIC)
Currently: Associate Professor, EBD-CSIC, Spain.

José Luis Tella

(Ph.D. student) 1993-1996
Significado adaptativo de la colonialidad en el cernícalo primilla.
(Cosupervised by Fernando Hiraldo, EBD-CSIC)
Currently: Research Professor, EBD-CSIC, Spain.