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In these pages you can have a look at the work I am involved in and the one I have been busy with during the last years.

Most of the work can be summarized in a few topics in the interface of ecology, coservation biology and global change: species-specific ecology and conservation; mechanistic approaches to population ecology, management and conservation, with a special focus on spatial issues, including habitat and movement ecology; general descriptions of traits across species with a focus on those associated with vulnerability and the relevant threats; and applied issues such as the relationship between roads, traffic and conservation

Research is about ideas on how the world works, testing them and looking for generalizations. Having an idea is just the first step of a long journey leading in many cases to nowhere, sometimes to new information, some stress to current theory and its assumptions and predictions, and, in rare lucky cases, to new generalization. I envision doing research as a process both internal and collaborative, a process in which ideas come and go, develop, and take shape while working, feeling, obtaining and analyzing data, discussing, reading, thinking. For more information on the people with whom I do take these journeys just have a look at the collaborations page.