Symposium 15-16 November 2012

Global Change in the Mediterranean  

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Global Change is introducing threats to the preservation of natural resources. However, up to now, it is difficult to measure with reliable accuracy the real impact of these threats and their long term consequences. Among Earth's biodiversity hotspots, the Mediterranean Basin might be suggested as a model region for Global Change research in many aspects, particularly in relation to the importance of natural resources use changes. The exceptional levels of biodiversity in the Mediterranean and the anticipated consequences of its possible reduction justify the high priority given to the issue of interactions between Global Change factors and biodiversity in this region. The large body of preexisting ecological knowledge should facilitate progress on complex issues relating to interactions among multiple drivers of Global Change, including climate, atmospheric, land use and socio-economic changes.


This meeting should provide a more general view to common problems in the Mediterranean, gathering some leading experts in different fields that can collectively provide a cutting-edge, multifaceted view of the manifold ecological and evolutionary implications of global change.
Investigating phenotypic responses of individuals using a multidisciplinary approach at scales above and below the organism, provides a suitable framework for predicting the consequences of Global Change on wildlife and understanding feedbacks with the biosphere. Fastening inter-institutional relationships by exchanging experiences and sharing standards and data to deal with the threats posed by the impact of Global Change is the main objective of the symposium. Held in an informal but stimulating scientific atmosphere, this meeting will address four major research topics: plasticity and epigenetics; physiological response; use of stable isotopes and ecological modeling for tracing the effects of global change


This symposium is the second scientific meeting organized within the EcoGenes project, funded under the Research Potential theme of the EU's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7). EcoGenes subsidizes the symposium. Registration is free. Travel costs and accommodation are not included, and participants are responsible for their own travel arrangements.
The number of participants is limited. The Organizing Committee may accept or reject the application without debate.
The Global Change in the Mediterranean is a closed symposium regarding speakers, however participants are invited to submit a proposal for posters, whose abstracts will be reviewed by the Committee.

 Registration deadline:   30/09/2012 


 15-16 November 2012 Seville-Spain

Some photos are courtesy of Hector Garrido/CSIC and Jose Maria Perez de Ayala/CSIC  

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