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Dispersal barriers in a changing world

Dispersal barriers drive many important ecological processes (eg population viability, speciation). Such barriers are dynamic features that can vary in strength and location, and can be affected by human intervention and environmental variation; however, they are rarely taken into account explicitly in global change studies. It is important to be able to predict where they will appear or disappear, to consider their impact on species' distributions and gene flow, and to manage species or landscapes to mitigate their impacts. Management options that account for population genetics need to be developed to help maintain the adaptive capacity of species when barriers change. informacion[at] et al (2016) Looking beyond the mountain: dispersal barriers in a changing world. Front Ecol Environ 2016; 14(5): 261–268, doi:10.1002/fee.1280
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Contenidos con etiqueta dispersal barriers .

Las barreras de dispersión en un mundo cambiante

Las barreras de dispersión juegan un papel importante en muchos procesos ecológicos. Sin embargo, rara vez se tienen en cuenta de manera explícita en los estudios de cambio global. Es importante...