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Postdoctoral Researcher positions at Doñana Biological Station

Juan de la Cierva program

The Doñana Biological Station (Estación Biológica de Doñana, EBD; Seville, Spain) is seeking to incorporate postdoctoral researchers though the Juan de la Cierva program, financed by the Spanish government. We are looking for researchers that have an excellent track record in evolutionary biology, conservation biology, ecology or global change. This opportunity is open to researchers of all nationalities, and we are particularly interested in cultural diversity.

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Finalista Premio Europeo Natura 2000

Nos sentimos muy contentos de comunicaros que la propuesta “Reinforcing the roles of remote sensing in Natura 2000 monitoring”, presentado por nuestro compañero Ricardo Díaz-Delgado ha sido...
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