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Juan José Negro received his degree in Biology at the University of Seville in 1987, and his PhD in 1991. After that, he moved to Montreal, Canada, where he worked as a postdoct for three years at McGill University. His research addresses questions on evolutionary ecology and conservation biology. His model species are generally birds of prey, a group of species with small population sizes and permanent conflicts with human activities. He has also worked with other avian species, either threatened with extinction, such as the white headed duck, or species of social or economic interest, including the red-legged partridge and the greylag goose. He keeps two research lines seemingly unrelated. On the one hand, he applies molecular tools to deal with ecological questions affecting individuals and populations. On the other hand, he carries out research on the evolution of bird plumage coloration and its role for signaling genetic quality, social status and body condition. He is also interest in the application of new technologies to monitor wildlife populations. He currently leads a project aimed at demonstrating the applicability of light UAVs for wildlife research. 

Dr. Negro has published 170 papers in scientific journals indexed by the Institute of Scientific Information (ISI), two books, and a number of book chapters and articles for nature magazines. He has also patented a procedure to extract and quantify the pigment melanin from biological materials. He is currently the Vice-president of the Spanish Ethological Society and serves in the editorial boards of two scientific journals: "Animal Biodiversity and Conservation" and "Journal of Unmanned Vehicle Systems". He was Director of Doñana Biological Station (CSIC) from July 2012 to September 2015. He previously held the post of Deputy Director in the period 2008-2012.

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