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Doñana Biological Station is a research center specializing in biodiversity and ecology; with a staff over 250 workers, the occupational risk arising are diverse: office work, lab handling, field sampling and maintenance.

This research center also manages the Doñana Biological Reserve (Almonte, Huelva), and Roblehondo Field Station (Cazorla, Jaén). The work in these isolated areas has a number of associated risks, which must be added the management of livestock and farming, and the use of machinery.

Ecosystemic global research processes, carried out in the EBD, bring plenty of occupational hazards in the sampling periods in: forests, dunes, swamps, etc, so that adequate training of staff first aid techniques is essential.

For these reasons, the Biological Station of Doñana has dedicated its efforts to encourage and promote preventive values on all scales of its staff. The actions have been developed in two ways: first, the creation of culture of prevention, and second, the promotion and improvement of the working conditions to secure the protection and health of workers.