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Jaime Potti


Department of Evolutionary Ecology, Estación Biológica de Doñana-CSIC
Américo Vespucio 26, 41092 Sevilla, Spain

I am interested in the shaping of avian phenotypes by natural and sexual selection. 

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Research interests are mainly pursued through a long-term study (1984-present) of pied flycatchers breeding in nestbox populations in Central Spain.

Additional topics include avian invasions, red-necked nightjar biology and signalling (secondary sex traits, begging)

My current projects are: 

The evolutionary ecology of phenotypic plasticity of morphological, life history and behavioural traits in wild birds
Biotic and abiotic determinants of the spatio-temporal variation in host-parasite interactions



Camacho, C., Canal, D. and Potti, J. (2016). Natal habitat imprinting counteracts the diversifying effects of phenotype-dependent dispersal in a spatially structured population. TA: BMC Evolutionary Biology 16(1):158 

Camacho, C., Canal, D. and Potti, J. (2015).Testing the matching habitat choice hypothesis in nature: phenotype-environment correlation and fitness in a songbird population. Evolutionary Ecology 29: 873-886.

Potti, J. and Canal, D. (2013). Lifetime fitness and age-related female ornament signalling: evidence for survival and fecundity selection in the pied flycatcher Journal of Evolutionary Biology, 26: 1445–1457.

Canal, D., Jovani, R. and Potti, J. (2012). Male decisions or female accessibility? Spatiotemporal patterns of extra pair paternity in a songbird. Behavioral Ecology 23: 1146-1153.

Potti, J. and Canal, D. (2011). Heritability and genetic correlation between the sexes in a songbird sexual ornament. Heredity 106: 945-954.



David Canal. Postdoc.; Research gate:                                     

Carlos Camacho. Ph. Student.; Reserarch gate: