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001) Vocal mimicry of hosts by Great Spotted Cuckoo Clamator glandarius: further evidence 1988 Ibis
002) Locatability of begging calls in nestling altricial birds 1988 Animal Behaviour
003) Offspring reproductive value and nest defense in the magpie (Pica pica) 1989 Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology
004) High breeding success in experimentally parasitized broods of azure- winged magpies (Cyanopica cyana) 1989 Le Gerfaut
005) Avian Nest Defence: Theoreticals Models and Evidence 1989 Behaviour
006) Territoriality as a mating strategy in red deer 1990 Animal Behaviour
007) Structural Variations in the Begging Calls of Nestling Magpies Pica pica and their Role in the Development of Adult Voice 1990 Ethology
008) Early stages of vocal ontogeny in the magpie (Pica pica) 1991 Journal of Ornithology
009) The increase in risk of predation with begging activity in broods of magpies Pica pica 1992 Ibis
010) Signalling of Nutritional Need by Magpie Nestlings 1992 Ethology
011) Sex-Biased Parent-Offspring Conflict 1992 Behaviour
012) No evidence for variable duration of sympatry between the great spotted cuckoo and its magpie host 1992 Nature
013) Motives for parental infanticide in white storks Ciconia ciconia 1992 Ornis Scandinavica
014) Frequent copulations despite low sperm competition in white storks (Ciconia ciconia) 1992 Behaviour
015) Adoption of great spotted cuckoo Clamator glandarius fledglings by magpies Pica pica 1992 Bird Study
016) Exploitation of host mechanisms for parental care by avian brood parasites 1993 Etologia
017) Nest switching and alloparental care in colonial white storks 1995 Animal Behaviour
018) Coevolución Y Carreras de Armamentos 1994 Etología. Introducción a la Ciencia del Comportamiento. pp. 235 - 253
019) Comunicación: Teoría y Evolución de las Señales 1994 Etología. Introducción a la Ciencia del Comportamiento. pp. 255 - 257
020) Manipulative begging by parasitic cuckoo nestlings and paradoxical host behaviour 1999 Trends in Ecology and Evolution
021) Effects of begging on growth rates of nestling chicks 2001 Behavioral Ecology
022) Feeding experience and relative size modify the begging strategies of nestlings 2002 Behavioral Ecology
023) Dishonest begging and host manipulation by Clamator cuckoos 2002 Evolution of Begging: Competition, Cooperation and Communication. pp. 389 - 412
024) Begging at high level simultaneously impairs growth and immune response in southern shrike (Lanius meridionalis) nestlings 2011 Journal of Evolutionary Biology
025) Oxidative stress mediates physiological costs of begging in magpie (Pica Pica) nestlings 2012 PLoS ONE
026) Benefits of Extra Begging Fail to Compensate for Immunological Costs in Southern Shrike (Lanius meridionalis) Nestlings 2012 PLoS ONE
027) Pied flycatcher nestlings incur immunological but not growth begging costs 2016 Behavioral Ecology
028) Nest-dwelling ectoparasites reduce begging effort in Pied Flycatcher Ficedula hypoleuca nestlings 2016 Ibis
030) Kind to kin: weak interference competition among white stork (Ciconia ciconia) broodmates 2017 Journal of Avian Biology
031) Mizutama: A Quick, Easy, and Accurate Method for Counting Erythrocytes 2019 Physiological and Biochemical Zoology
032) Vitamin E Supplementation—But Not Induced Oxidative Stress—Influences Telomere Dynamics During Early Development in Wild Passerines 2019 Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution
033) Broodmate aggression and life history variation in accipitrid birds of prey 2019 Ecology and Evolution
029) Comunicación 2016 Etología Adaptativa. El comportamiento como producto de la selección natural, pp. 301 - 335
034) Passive and active parental food allocation in a songbird 2023 Behavioral Ecology
035) Do Barn Swallow nestlings incur an oxidative cost of begging? 2024 Journal of Ornithology