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Wildfires could have positive effects on ant and bee communities

A study led by the Doñana Biological Station reveals that species richness and diversity of ants and bees could increase after a wildfire. Some of these positive effects could persist over the long...

The economic costs of invasive alien ants total 46.000 million euros

An international scientific team led by the CSIC cuantifies the effects of the invasion of these insects in agriculture and public health
This work takes data from Invacost, the first database...

Temperature or competence, which has more influence on Mediterranean ant communities?

A scientific team at the Doñana Biological Station – CSIC studied the competitive interactions between several ant communities in three different habitats in Doñana.

High potential of Argentine ant to harm amphibian juveniles

Invasive species have major impacts on biodiversity and are one of the primary causes of amphibian decline and extinction. Unlike other top ant invaders that negatively affect larger fauna via...

Argentine ants harm nestlings of the blue tit

The consequences of ant invasions on ecosystems may only become apparent after long periods. In addition, predicting how sensitive native fauna will respond is only possible if the underlying...
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