EBD Seminars EBD Seminars

Here you can check past seminars. At our Youtube channel (DSA-EBD) several seminars are published. You can download videos here

Our seminars (#EBDSeminar) can be attended by anyone interested to assist. They are normally given on Thursday between 13:00 and 14:00 in the conference room of the CABIMER centre (http://www.cabimer.es/web/es/), located next to our building.

During the year about 30 seminars are presented; approximately one third by invited researchers and the rest is given by our own people. Exposed issues are very diverse: scientific results, proposals for projects, protocols of services and labs, etc.

At this moment the seminar organizers are María José Ruiz López, Irene Mendoza, Maria Teresa Boquete, Christoph Liedke, and David García Callejas. Contact them if you are planning to give a seminar at EBD! 


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