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Researchers identify the species with the highest risk of becoming invasive in Spain

Researchers from 31 Spanish research institutions, coordinated by the InvaNET network and coinciding with the publication of the IPBES report, have identified the 108 alien animal and plant species...

Interactions between mosquitofish and native newts

Invasive fish have a high disruptive potential in aquatic ecosystems, in which amphibians may be highly impacted due to intense competition and/or predation on their eggs and larvae. Most studies...

Guidelines for classifying Alien Taxa

A comprehensive framework and guidelines for implementing a recently developed method for classifying alien taxa is presented.

Effects of Eucalyptus plantations in stream ecosystems

Joint effects of climate warming and other stressors are potentially complex and difficult to predict. In stream ecosystems, exotic riparian species have the potential to alter leaf-shredding...