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Current Iberian lynx population is not genetic viable in the long term

A study of the Doñana Biological Station – CSIC determined that 1100 reproductive females, triple the 2022 census, are needed to guarantee the genetic viability of this species

On the path to extinction: inbreeding and admixture in a declining gray wolf population

Allee effects reduce the viability of small populations in many different ways, which act synergistically to lead populations towards extinction vortexes. The Sierra Morena wolf population,...

A father effect explains sex-ratio bias

Sex ratio allocation has important fitness consequences, and theory predicts that parents should adjust offspring sex ratio in cases where the fitness returns of producing male and female offspring...

Extreme genomic erosion in the highly endangered Iberian lynx

Genomic studies of endangered species provide insights into their evolution and demographic history, reveal patterns of genomic erosion that might limit their viability, and offer tools for their...