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Current Iberian lynx population is not genetic viable in the long term

A study of the Doñana Biological Station – CSIC determined that 1100 reproductive females, triple the 2022 census, are needed to guarantee the genetic viability of this species

Benefits of restoring apex predator populations

The role that apex predators play in ecosystem functioning, disease regulation and biodiversity maintenance is increasingly debated. However, the positive impacts of their presence in terrestrial...

Genetic evaluation of the Iberian lynx ex situ conservation programme

Ex situ programmes have become critical for improving the conservation of many threatened species, as they establish backup populations and provide individuals for reintroduction and reinforcement...

Iberian lynx down-listed in the IUCN Red List

After six decades of decline and pronounced range contraction, between 2002 and 2012 population size of the Iberian Lynx has continuously increased from 52 to 156 mature individuals in the two...