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The seed disperser role of macaws

Seed dispersal is one of the most studied plant-animal mutualisms. It has been proposed that the dispersal of many large-seeded plants from Neotropical forests was primarily conducted by extinct...

09_11_2016, Mauro Galetti

Terrestrial megafauna session: "Terrestrial megafauna and the downsizing effect", by Dr. Mauro Galetti (Univ. Estadual Paulista, Brazil)

9_11_2016, Ahimsa Campos

Conflicts session: "Human-megafauna conflicts – the challenge of conserving large animals in a crowded world", by Dr. Ahimsa Campos-Arceiz (Univ. of Nottingham, Malaysia)

9_11_2016, Robin Naidoo

Services session: "Ecosystem services from megafauna: Estimating economic losses to tourism in Africa from the illegal killing of elephants", by Dr. Robin Naidoo (World Wildlife Fund, Namibia)