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Birds' feathers also go grey with the age

A study from the Ecological Pyrenean Institute (IPE-CSIC) and the Doñana Biological Station shows that some birds’ feathers turn white with the age.
? The study was carried out in natural...

Impairment of mixed melanin-based pigmentation in parrots

Parrots and allies (Order Psittaciformes) have evolved an exclusive capacity to synthesize polyene pigments called psittacofulvins at feather follicles, which allows them to produce a striking...

Juvenile pheomelanin-based plumage colouration has evolved more frequently in carnivorous species

Distinctive pheomelanin-based plumage colouration in juvenile birds has been proposed as a signal of immaturity to avoid aggression by older conspecifics, but recent findings suggest a detoxifying...
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