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Maternal sexual interactions with non-sires enhance female fecundity in the following generation

The consequences of sexual interactions extend beyond the simple production of offspring. These interactions typically entail direct effects on female fitness, but may also impact the life histories of later generations. Evaluating the cross-generational effects of sexual interactions provides insights into the dynamics of sexual selection and conflict. Such studies can elucidate whether offspring fitness optima diverge across sexes upon heightened levels of sexual interaction among parents. Here, authors found that, in Drosophila melanogaster, components of reproductive success in females, but not males, were contingent on the nature of sexual interactions experienced by their mothers. In particular, maternal sexual interactions with non-sires enhanced female fecundity in the following generation. This highlights the importance of non-sire influences of sexual interactions on the expression of offspring life histories. informacion[at] Garcia-Gonzalez & Dowling (2015) Transgenerational effects of sexual interactions and sexual conflict: non-sires boost the fecundity of females in the following generation. Biol Lett 11: 20150067


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Content with tag parental effects .