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Start of selection procedure for new EBD Director

On June 20, the EBD Institutional Board approved the beginning of the selection process for a new director of the Doñana Biological Station (EBD-CSIC). Directors of CSIC institutes and centers undergoes a new selection process every 4 years. Following the CSIC regulations, the first phase of the selection process consists of the presentation of candidats, which will end on September 30. Then, at the Institutional Board (proposed to be held on Octubre 2) the applications will certified and the Scientific Board will be convened for their presentation and discussion. The Scientific Board will pass its report, the result of their debate, to the Institucional Board, which will then draw up its own report, taking into account the opinion of the heads of the research groups and departments and of the heads of the technical and administrative units. The complete dossier, including for each candidacy the letter of presentation, curriculum vitae, management project, endorsements received and reports from both Boards, will be sent by the secretariat of the Institucional Board to UCAT, to be submitted to the CSIC Scientific Advisory Committee for its report. The Scientific Advisory Committee will transmit to the Presidency its reasoned proposal or, as the case may be, the absence of suitable candidates. Finally, the Presidency, in view of the proposal and the previous reports, as well as possible interviews held with the candidates, the intervention -if considered pertinent- of the Institute's External Scientific Advisory Committee and any other considerations it deems appropriate, will decide on the appointment. The process is expected to be completed by mid-December.