Field Stations

Patio del Palacio de Doñana

Since its creation, research at the EBD-CSIC has been strongly related to Doñana, the coastal estuary of the Guadalquivir River. The wealth of its aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems (beaches, dunes, marshlands, scrubland, pine tree forests, streams, and lagoons) makes it unique. The EBD-CSIC is in charge of the administration and management of part of this protected area (i.e. those with protection status "Reserves"). Additionally, the director of the EBD-CSIC, in accordance with the Doñana Law 91/1978 and the Royal Decree 97/2005, is responsible for coordinating all research projects undertaken in the Doñana Natural Area (106,047 ha) and for the execution of the Monitoring Programme of Doñana. Since 2006, the Doñana Biological Reserve (RBD) has been considered as a Singular Scientific and Technological Infrastructure (ICTS-RBD) by the Interministry Commission of Science and Technology (CICYT) of the former Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation. This provides a continuous source of interaction between national and foreign researchers through programs for short scientific stays financed by the Ministry. This responsibility is supported by a team of about 30 technicians and managers, 15 for monitoring of natural resources and 15 for maintenance of the field stations. Apart from the field stations at the Doñana Natural Area (Huelva y Sevilla), another field station is managed in the Sierras de Cazorla, Segura y Las Villas (Jaén). Both infrastructures facilitate the collection of data for long-term ecological studies.