•   Título: 

    4th Stable Isotope Course In Ecology and Environmental Sciences

  •   Localidad: 

    Sevilla / Doñana (Spain)

  •   Fecha de Inicio: 

    22 - febrero - 2022

  •   Fecha fin: 

    25 - febrero - 2022

  •   The course includes an introductory session on the applications of stable isotopes to ecological and environmental studies including a general introduction to the stable isotope biochemistry and ecology, trophic and spatial applications and general laboratory methodologies. In the present edition of the course, the rest of the program will be focused on the analyses of stable isotopes on compound specifics (CSIA), and their applications including various thematic lectures: introduction to CSIA, technical equipment, steps prior to stable isotope analyses, applications to different areas with special attention to environmental sciences.

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