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Master UPO: Biodiversity and Conservation Biology

Documents for the subject on Land use changes (Cambios en el paisaje, A23 - 2021-2022)

Documents for the subject on Conservation biology: populationsmaterials (Biología de la Conservación: poblaciones, A9 -2021-2022)


Download poster Revilla et al Indirect estimation of roadkill risk when there is no roadkill data





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Population Ecology in Practice Population Ecology in Practice

Revilla, E. (2020). Individual and agent based models in population ecology and conservation biology. In: Population Ecology in Practice: Underused, Misused, and Abused Methods. Eds Murray DL, Sandercock B. John Wiley & Sons Ltd. ISBN/ISSN: 9780470674130

Models and code of the online exercices:

Exercise 1: exponential model (zip version , 7z version)

Exercise 2: density-dependent model (zip version7z version)

Exercise 3: spatially explicit density-dependent model (zip version, 7z version)