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Doñana teems again with butterflies

Isidro Román, technician of the ICTS-RBD, in Santa Olalla sandy lake, Doñana. Credit: Jacinto Román

Since 2007, from March to October, technicians from Doñana's Biodiversity Monitoring Group (ICTS-RBD) perform regular surveys of butterflies. The surveys are performed in five different study sites, designed to include Doñana's most characteristic habitat types: scrubland, wet grassland, pine forest and gallery forest.

These data are integrated into the Spanish Butterfly Network (BMS-Spain), of which the Doñana Biological Station is a founding partner, and the European Butterfly Monitoring Scheme (eBMS,

Butterflies are monitored in the two Andalusian National Parks: Doñana and Sierra Nevada. Building on the close collaboration between Doñana's ICTS-RBD and Sierra Nevada's Global Change Observatory, a field guide of Andalucia's most common butterfly species was recently published. If you are interested, you can download it in the following link: