Department of Conservation Biology

In our Department we perform multidisciplinary research (evolutionary ecology, behavioral ecology, spatial population ecology, interactions, demography and population dynamics, extinction patterns, conservation genetics, etc.) aimed at building the scientific basis needed for the conservation of biological diversity in all its forms. It is oriented towards threatened ecosystems, communities, species and populations. We have no taxonomic or regional bias, though for historical and practical reasons a large part of our work focuses on vertebrates in Doñana Natural Area. We also work all over the Iberian Peninsula, the rest of Europe, Africa, the Neotropical Region and the Antartida. We collaborate with researchers from all over the world. We bring together Spanish and international researchers and students at the Estación Biológica de Doñana CSIC in Seville. The environment is competitive (but manageable), friendly and international (with the plus of the quality of life in the south of Spain). Students interested in Ecology and Conservation may pursue a master or a PhD in our Department. We also encourage prospective postdocs and more senior researchers to contact us.

Research Lines

Department Head: Manuela G Forero