Management and Administration Management and Administration

This Service is responsible for providing administrative, computing and management support to facilitate research activities of our institute. Its most important funtions are:

  • Execution of institutional and research budgets according to execution period established by the central organization or financers and in accordance with the financial rules of each research call.
  • Adequacy of the credit endowments to ensure the correct execution of the project within its valid period.
  • Payments according to the center's obligations within the term indicated in the Public Sector Contracts and Treasury Control Law.
  • Processing of registration fees for congresses and other research and outreach activities.
  • Processing of secondments and travel expenditures, approval of travel agency requests.
  • Administrative arrangements for short stays and scientific interchange activities.
  • Economic validations of the different R & D & I activities, in accordance with the financial guidelines established by the funding agencies (UE, National, Regional, Foundations, private sector funding, etc.).
  • Preparation of reports and legal documentation required in audits as well as the corresponding resources.
  • Management of public calls related with good supplies and services, heritage catalogue and its registration in institutional platforms.
  • Inventory management.
  • Management of agreements, contracts, technical services and research arrangements with the public and private sectors.
  • Management of the civil servants files, temporal and hired employees, students and training staff, social security procedures and other services, and residence permits, as well as occupational hazards, licenses, permits, vacations and control of timetables.
  • Control of official document's entries and exits
  • Preparation of the minutes of the institute and scientific boards.
  • Preparation of the administrative information required by the central services of the CSIC.
  • Processing of purchase requests, contact with suppliers, postal service (sending and delivery) and the centre's office supplies.
  • Processing of financial income, charges, sale returns and interest payments of national, European, public and regional projects, as well as debtor control..

Electronic invoice: Information for suppliers

EBD is not a legal entity on its own. Therefore invoices and supplies are handled through the central organization of the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC)

The electronic invoice is mandatory for invoices with amounts greater than € 5,000 and voluntary for those of lower amounts. The data to be included in these invoices are in this sheet (download word or pdf)

Access to FACe, entrance point for electronic invoices for the National Administration: