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Our mission is to develop multidisciplinary research at the highest level that contributes to the understanding of ecology, evolution and conservation of biodiversity.

We seek to understand how biodiversity is generated and maintained, and how it responds to environmental change. We aim to assess the consequences of biodiversity loss and what are the possibilities for its conservation and restoration. An important part of our projects and dedication consists of transferring knowledge to society.

Personal de la EBD realizando trabajos



  • Director
    Eloy Revilla
    • ICTS-RBD Deputy Director
      Javier Bustamante
    • Research Deputy Director
      Carles Vilà
      • Departament Directors
        Responsables de departamentos
        • Ecology and Evolution
          Roger Jovani
        • Conservation Biology and Global Change
          Manuela G Forero
    • Technical Deputy Director
      Ivan Gómez Mestre
    • Management
      María del Castillo Hervás Hervás